Soup Up’s story began with a simple desire: 

to provide you and your loved ones with fresh, delicious, healthful homemade-style soups –similar to those I enjoyed as a child in Jamaica.


These soups were not only comforting and satisfying, but they were naturally flavorful as well. As an adult, I desperately searched for the same quality soups as those created by the women in my family. Instead, I found high-sodium soups – many laden with heavy cream or ingredients too difficult to pronounce. In 2012, I began cultivating a dizzying array of vegan, non-vegan, and gluten-free all natural, hearty soups. 

A small, but significant, core of my team members (pictured with me above from left to right: JB, Chivonne and Dot) get together each week (sometimes multiple times for the week) to shop for ingredients and assist me with creating and selling our soups. Today, more than 150 options are available, all freshly and locally made in small batches. Each is low in sodium, infused with fresh herbs and spices and ground provisions grown locally and from the Caribbean and chock full of “homemade” goodness.  Our soups contain no dairy, oil, butter, additives or preservatives. They taste good and are exceptionally good for you.

I invite you to fall in love with soups all over again— the aroma, the texture, the taste, the calming effect... the insatiable appetite for something that has been proven good for the body and the soul. Visit us at our soup stand at Union Market in Washington, DC.  I am confident that you will be delighted by the overall satisfaction you get from every spoonful of our delicious soups. We made them with your health and happiness in mind.